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3D Daycare




3 years - 5 years   

Children three through five years continue with active thinking and experimenting to find out about their world.. Their play lays the foundation for 'school'; or academic learning.  Most are ready to learn their letters and the corresponding sounds and numbers and number concepts. Their language is developing so they can describe their thoughts and feelings more and more. They learn to read pictures which are symbols for real people, places, and things. At 3D Daycare, the curriculum is organized for children to develop their thinking in this manner.

Students are also are furnished cooperative play experiences. They develop socially acceptable behavior and positive social relationships. Children are encouraged to experience success and feel pride in their work. Gross and fine motor skills, perceptual awareness, and health practices are developed and refined. At 3D Daycare the program is designed for the age group served , but the uniqueness and individual needs of each child are addressed.  The classrooms are organized into activity centers: reading, art, music, writing, computers, and dramatic play.


Curricular Approach
At the heart of any successful program is a curriculum foundation that not only effectively meets a full range of outcomes and objectives, but also supports teachers in a way that allows them to confidently provide new and exciting learning opportunities every day. A.C.E. curriculum supports and inspires educators from a variety of educational backgrounds by providing meaningful learning experiences and support materials that promote active, playful, and authentic learning opportunities.
A.C.E. curriculum's ultimate goal is for children to become competent, eager learners. Our high-quality curriculum for children ages Preschool and up provides many opportunities for active exploration, creating powerful and positive interactions for learning.


  Preschool    Daily schedule

Let's begin our day:

 6:00-7:00- Arrival, social play, teacher’s one on one interaction with children. Clean up, wash our hands.

7:00am-7:30am breakfast time

7:30 am-7:45am clean up, restroom break, (routine)

7:45am- 8:00am games puzzles, one to one interaction social interaction with other children.

8:00-8:30 Circle Time, weather, days of the week, months of the year, discuss

topic of the day.,

8:30am -9:20am: Bible Verse, Lesson, class work, English, Word Building.

9:20a.m. 9:30 – Clean up, rest room break

9:30am- 10:00 am Snack Time/Break time

10 am-10:10am pick up, clean up, and wash our hands, restroom break. (Routine)

10:10am -10;25 am Bible story Time / listening comprehension

10:25am-11:00 craft Time/ Activity Time

11:00am-11:10 am Clean up, wash up bathroom break

11:10am- 1130am. Outside play (weather permitting)

11:30 am-11:40am. Clean up, restroom break, wash up,

11:40am- 12:15pm Lunch Time yum!

12:15pm- 12:20pm. Wash up/restroom break

12:20pm- 245pm. Rest time

245pm-2:55pm. Restroom break, wash up               

2:55 pm-3:30 pm Snack Time

3;30-pm- 3:40 Restroom break wash up, clean up               

3:40 pm –4:15pm Quiet activity, homework time

4:15pm-4:45pm Center play ( structured)

4:45 pm -5:15 pm Outdoor Play (weather permitting option:  Arts & creative expression, exploring with Art materials) 

5:15pm -5:30pm Clean up, restroom break

5:30 pm-6:15 Dinner Time

6:15 pm – 6:25 pm wash our hands (routine)

6:05 pm – 6:15 pm story time

6:15pm –7:30pm Free time / center explorations



Fulltime: 108.00                                                                   

Part time : 85.00 (30 hrs or less)

Daily: 25.00 (Drop In)

Registration Fee: 25.00







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